You will quickly have the ability to Pin Your Own Video in Microsoft Teams, for a more well balanced view of your own significance

At present, in a Microsoft Teams conference, users can pin video feeds of other individuals to increase the size of the preferred video by themselves screen or to keep it constantly noticeable even when others are speaking.

Microsoft is preparing to present a brand-new function upgrade that will broaden the capability for users to pin their own video on the phase in addition to allow users to see their own video in an increased size on their screen.

Microsoft states  the brand-new function will deal with a variety of circumstances:

  1. No more overlaying of the Me video box and other individual’s video
  2. You will have the ability to see your own video on a larger scale and change the video kind
  3. You will have a much better view of yourself when providing an item or utilizing indication language
  4. You will take pleasure in a well balanced view of yourself and other individuals – your video will be bigger, and no longer send an impression of “less importance”

Pinning your video will naturally just impact your view of the conference and not anybody else’s.

How to Pin Your Own Video in Microsoft Teams

  1. Go to the Me video menu – you can discover it in the Me box, clicking ;
  2. Select Pin for me. A pin beside your name appears and your video boosts. If you no longer dream to be pinned, choose Unpin for me.
  3. You can pin or unpin yourself when clicking the menu beside your name in lineup too.

The function will present to the Mac and Windows Microsoft Teams customers for  Standard Users in between early January and early February 2022 , then late January of GCC federal government users, in mid-February for GCC-H users and completion of February 2022 for DoD department of Defence users.