Learn about this incredibly fulfilling work at home opportunity with Beautycounter! This interview is with Jillian Donatelli, Senior Manager with Beautycounter. Looking to work at home and make a greater, global impact? See how this company is making a difference in the lives of moms, their families, and the planet.

Hear from Jillian as she shares:

  • How she got started and WHY
  • How this company is making a National and Global change, and how you can be a part of this growing movement.
  • Hear from Jillian as she shares her own experiences with Beautycounter, and how this is a real work at home opportunity – yes, you will make money!

Join a movement, make an impact, grow with a company you can depend on and be proud of. Here is more information about the Beautycounter company and work at home opportunity:


Contact Jillian directly:

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.Beautycounter.com/JillianDonatelli

Social Media:

Facebook: @JillianDonatelli

Instagram: @JillianDonatelli

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