Have you been dreaming of a way to work from home with great pay, flexible hours, and partnering with reputable Fortune 500 companies? You are in luck when you select to get started with The Paragon Team!

In this interview, Cheronda, the CEO and Founder of The Paragon Team shares how she can help you get started, trained, and working from home in as soon as 2 to 6 weeks!
Cheronda is a Stay at Home Mom herself, and got started the way many moms do – she wanted to stay home with her infant son. This is how she came to find and partner with Arise, a very reputable supplier of work at home positions for moms. Through her work, she founded The Paragon Team and now supports moms to get trained to work from home as Customer Support, Technical Support, or even Sales positions for companies – all from the comfort of your home.

Cheronda shares about the training process in this video, as well as a very special offer for our At Home Moms subscribers!

Here is how you can get stared with The Paragon Team:

Apply today with the opportunity to have your training reimbursed: Begin Application Here

Cheronda is also offering a scholarship to one lucky applicant who will have 100% of their training covered! To be eligible, Click Here for the Scholarship Application.

For more information from The Paragon Team, and to get your FREE Work at Home Report from Click Here

And lastly, to contact Cheronda directly with your questions and inquiries, send email to: [email protected]


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