WordPress hosting vs shared web hosting

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Webhosting and WordPress hosting, two terms we hear often. But what is shared web hosting and what is WordPress hosting? What are the differences and what should you choose? Here in this article, we are discussing the difference between shared web hosting and WordPress hosting and will give you recommendations towards the end.

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What is shared web hosting?

Web hosting is the simplest and most basic type of web hosting and it is the cheapest too. In shared web hosting, a web server is shared among many users, and resources are shared among users too. Depends on the specification of the server and Hosting provider, hundreds or thousands of websites are hosted on the same server.

Yes, there is a reason why I said: “depends on hosting provider”. Some hosting provider oversells their services to make more profit and this is one downside of shared hosting as it causes performance issues. Some web hosting providers like Siteround still hosts a decent number of websites on their servers and those who need better performing plans can use their biggest plan available which hosts fewer users in one server.

So shared hosting can be the best option for those who are starting out or if you are on a tight budget, it is still a great choice for hobbyist bloggers and those who are blogging for fun. All or most of those famous blogs were once running on shared hosting and switched to a dedicated WordPress hosting or to a VPS later.

What is WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a relatively new kind of hosting and it is gaining popularity really fast as more and more bloggers and web developers are using WordPress for their project and the popularity of woocommerce is also a factor. So web hosts also came up with dedicated WordPress hosting plans.

WordPress hosting provides many benefits over standard shared web hosting or VPS hosting. One big advantage is that they offer a better environment with dedicated resources. So that a traffic surge on other websites hosted on the same server would not cause issues on your website.

Another advantage is great support. They often employ WordPress experts and they only have to deal with WordPress related issues. Thus the support engineers can provide great support and quick fixes to your queries.

Which one should you go for?

Being honest, it depends on many factors such as your budget, your expected traffic etc. If you have the budget, it is always good to go for a dedicated WordPress hosting. Competition in the field is increasing and companies are offering great pricing and deals for new customers.

If you are also expecting your traffic to grow fast, a Managed WordPress hosting can be your best choice as they can handle many users at the same time and can also handle traffic spikes without any issues – something a shared hosting can not do. If you are starting an e-commerce website with Woocommerce, you must consider dedicated WordPress hosting. This will provide better performance and security to your e-commerce website.

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Shared hosting, on the other hand, offers great affordability. If you are someone who is just migrating from a hosted service like Blogger or WordPress.com, shared hosting can be your first option. If blogging is just a hobby for you, shared hosting is your best bet.

But if your website or blog is enjoying huge success, shared hosting will not be sufficient for your website. Likewise, if your website is just a hobby site that does not get much traffic, a dedicated WordPress hosting will be an overkill for your project, in that case, choosing a shared web hosting could save you some money.


As I already mentioned, choosing a web host should be based on your needs and requirement and also analyze your growth potential. After comparing all these aspects, you will be able to choose one which suits well for your needs.


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