Who Deserves The Grammy Reggae Album Of The Year?

Both have been regarded as beautiful pieces of work by both nationals and international citizens. This makes it quite difficult to name one of these particular albums as
THE album, unless you critique with a very keen lens. Taking into consideration the lyrics, instrumentals, artiste sound and the general opinion of the masses, we have constructed our critique.

Via Twitter polls, we were able to gather the general public’s opinion on which is best to receive the Grammy. 95 people voted in all and 78% of the persons who voted, voted for Chronology while the remaining 22% voted for Stony Hill. This is also represented by the amount of Youtube views one receives and in this instance, Chronology again takes the win. As it stands, Chronology’s views are clocking over a million, while Stony Hill has amassed a little over a hundred thousand views. In a voxpop conducted, it was popular opinion that the general public enjoyed Chronixx’s album.

When we speak about lyrics and musicality, both artistes are basically provided the direction for their albums. The Chronology album, although it has contributions from persons such as Winta James, Bost and Bim, Picard Brothers and Natural High, most of the producing, arranging and building of the record was done by the singjay. Chronology, as the name suggest, gives you a chronicle of Chronixx’s life. The 16 songs come in an order which exposes you to Chronixx’s family, his lover, his country and himself. As the beautiful musical masterpiece progresses, we are entertained by the beautiful songs based on social commentary covering topics such as black pride, rastafari amongst a host of others.

Stony Hill, Damian’s fourth studio album, is considered to be quite similar to his previous. Although lyrically Damian Marley is a genius, it hasn’t shown much difference in content from his previous three. Challenging capitalist structures by providing social commentary on the power of people, love and medical marijuana, his indelible consistency and lyrical genius is always regarded as unmatched. However, we believe that Chronology brought a breath of fresh air somewhat to the reggae scene.

Chronixx’s use of a mix of traditional and non-traditional instrumentals was exceptional. Chronology’s instrumentals took you on a percussionary escape as Zincfence Redemption played a variety of instruments from drums to glass bottles and sirens. Damian’s choice of music, although good, was still the same as his albums before where he sampled other works. Another thing to note was the fact that the artistes sound on the album was very different, and not only because they were completely different artistes. Damian, by way of opinion, used other artistes  to lift his album, or else it would be a little flat. Chronixx on the other hand, apart from that one track with his dad, used himself and it was very organic, true and convicting.

It’s hard to really compare both albums based on the level at which each artiste is performing at. Damian Marley is an iconic reggae singjay and also the son of Bob Marley, while Chronixx is still considered an upcoming reggae singjay. However, based on the production and direction of the albums, it can be said that Chronology deserves to be the winner of this years’ award.

Nonetheless, we congratulate Damian on his Grammy win!

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