Which blogging platform is good for you in 2022

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There are many blogging platforms and choosing one can be hard and tricky for most of us. With many CMS in the market which offer many features and ease of use, it is a hard task to choose one.

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Well, if you are someone who is familiar with this field or started your research already, you may have found that WordPress and blogger are the most popular and widely used blogging platforms.

While both of these, especially WordPress being the most famous and widely used, are your options limited to both of these? Absolutely not! There are some other alternatives there and here in this article, we will discuss them in detail.

Factors to consider while choosing a blogging platform

There are some factors when choosing a blogging platform. And we are listing them before getting started.

Ease of use

This is the most important factor which you need to consider before choosing a blogging platform, especially if you are a complete beginner who doesn’t have any coding experience.

If you are someone who is a casual blogger who just wants to write something, anything can be good. Even a basic blogging platform like blogger will be enough for you still if you are serious about your blog there, you will still need to get your hands dirty with codes.

If you want to use a CMS, the easiest one will be WordPress, it is really easy to use and there is a huge developer community and there are tons of themes and plugins available in the repository if you want any additional functionality.

If you are an advanced user with some experience in coding, you can consider using Joomla and Drupal or any other CMS.


As we all know, this is something very important as soon as you launch your blog, attackers will be preying on your blog and will be launching attacks on your blog to gain control over your blog.

You can and should expect brute force and DDOS attacks on your blog especially if you are using a hosted service like WordPress.org.

WordPress being the most popular CMS is naturally the favorite one of hackers or attackers, Most web hosts you choose will have a solid Anti-DDOS setup that stops DDOS attacks. And they also make their server secure as possible.

Additionally, You can use a security solution such as Wordfence or Sucuri to make your websites or blogs more secure and to add an additional layer of protection to them.

Other CMS are also prone to attacks. As we mentioned above, most web hosts choose security seriously and will provide a secure environment.

By practicing basic security precautions such as using strong passwords and using two-factor authentications, you can also keep attackers at a distance.

So security, stability, and reliability should be a concern too.

Availability of support

If you are on a hosted solution, you don’t need to worry about support usually as they provide support to their customers usually via email/ticket and or via forums.

If you use some open-source CMS like WordPress, depending on popularity, you can expect excellent community-based support. If you choose WordPress, there is an excellent community to provide support and due to its popularity, there are many developers, and your odds of finding one are high too in case you want to hire someone to fix or develop something for you.


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If you are on a hosted service like Blogspot, Medium, or something else, you need not worry about hosting and you can skip this. Those who are going to use a self-hosted service only need to worry about hosting.

Those who decided to stick with WordPress will have a massive advantage in this as there are many web hosts that cater specifically to WordPress users. Yes, I am talking about a dedicated WordPress hosting provider such as Kinsta.

But nowadays, even a shared hosting plan comes with a WordPress-optimized setup that would help you to run a blog or website more effectively.

Now when coming to other platforms such as Joomla or Drupal or any other CMS, there is less chance that you will find a Dedicated Joomla hosting or Dedicated Drupal hosting, but there is nothing to worry about, a shared hosting can run any of these CMSs or the hundreds of many other CMS comes with Softaculous or Installatron. Or you can even manually install them.

When it comes to the next level of hosting, you can always have the freedom to choose from a VPS or a dedicated server.

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