What is Video CD (VCD)? – POFTUT

Video CD or VCD is a video format that is commonly utilized for house entertainment. What makes the VCD special is the VCD format is utilized to disperse movies, motion pictures, and digital media in basic CDs or 120 mm optical disks. The VCD format was developed in 1993. The VCD format utilizes MPEG-1 video encoding format which was popular at the end of the 1990s. VCD gamers are likewise developed in order to play the VCD and show the material, motion pictures, and movies on Television and other display screens. VCD can be likewise played by computer systems by utilizing the CD-ROM Driver. Also, unique software application called media gamer like VLC, Windows Media Player must be utilized to see VCD.

VCD is superseded by the Super VCD which offers much better video quality and greater resolutions. Also, other formats like XVCD, DVCD, DVI are developed as an option to the CDV. A single VCD can accumulate to 800 MBs of video which has to do with 80 minutes of Video. But this might alter according to the video quality and scene density.


DVD is the follower of the VCD which offers much better video quality, more functions, and longer video period. Even VCD usage MPEG-1 video encoding format DVD utilize advanced format MPEG-2 which offers much better compression and greater resolution. As VCD is had fun with the VCD gamers DVD is had fun with the DVD Player. Generally, DVD gamers can play VCD’s too.