What is MasterBundles? A Short Guide on Digital Marketplace

MasterBundles is a creative digital marketplace. The mission of the marketplace is to allow designers to sell their passions and their works and receive a steady passive income from them. The product versatility is outstanding, you can sell your graphic design and purchase anything starting with small, creative elements, up to different plugins for the software. 


It’s the marketplace that is interested in promoting promising designers, which can be noticed in their great customer service and low commission rate. This means any designer, photographer, developer, and even newbies in design can enter MasterBundles, upload their products and get 50% from each sale! 


If you have some following on social media, you can build an additional income stream from the MasterBundles affiliate program. You can easily start promoting MasterBundles, its vendors, and their works with referral links. And every referral link you include that leads to a sale will bring you a steady 15% commission. 


Interested in finding out more about this digital marketplace? Just keep on reading.


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