What is a Woman’s Responsibility in a FLR?

We often discuss how important it is for men to uphold the FLR concepts of Please Her, Protect Her, Promote Her. But, in a Loving Female Relationship (Loving FLR) women have certain responsibilities too.

A man wrote in recently to say:

I cannot imagine that I’m the only man who gave his all to a lady who then became abusive. With her lover (something this site promotes) she then took every cent I had ever earned and left. She also wrote to friends and neighbors lie after lie; the few who remained loyal were aghast at her comments.

Is it so wrong to expect the lady you give your all to, to at least be decent, pleasant. Not all FLR’s end happily ever after.

This man, who I assume had the desire to give a woman his support in a FLR, encountered an abusive woman who did not respect his support. She abused him and left him. This is very sad, yet, this was not a Loving FLR. He can’t blame FLRs for what happened to him. He chose to give his love to the wrong woman. Sadly, many men are afraid to love freely because they are afraid of being abused. Time and time again I teach men that a Loving FLR is not a relationship where the man has to stay if he is unhappy. He does not have to agree with every decision. She is not his master and he has no part

The right woman in a Loving FLR is completely different from the woman in his story.

A woman who is a great fit for a Loving FLR:

Wants a peaceful relationship

She doesn’t want to fight, argue or have to be demanding. She wants a partner who respects her opinions and wants to support her decisions without needing to feel fear. She wants to feel loved, cherished and protected without having to force him to be this way.

Wants her partner to be happy

She would never make a decision that would hurt her partner intentionally. She wants him to be loved and feel loved. She wants him to feel proud to stand beside her because he is happy to do so.

Vows to protect her partner

Her partner is the building block of her success and she would never allow anyone to hurt him or disrespect him. She makes decisions with his best interest in mind because she is responsible for his well-being. She wants him to feel safe with her and to know she has his back.

Can you think of any other responsibilities of a woman in a Female Led Relationship?

I can.

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Te-Erika Patterson

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