Waiting For Perfection – J Hollywood Designs

Let’s have a chat about shopping for a custom engagement ring. So you’ve done the research, pinned ALL OF THE THINGS on Pinterest, decided what type of center stone you’d like, which brand, shape, size, and found your dream setting. You’ve selected THE most fabulous vendor to purchase your ring from (I’d suggest J Hollywood Designs, just sayin’) and reached out. Over the moon excited, you can’t even wait to get that sparkly deliciousness on your hand, until you find out that it’s going to take around 5-8 weeks to have your stone cut and your ring fabricated. #sigh Now…each company has a turnaround time that varies, and we can finish most of our pieces within 4-6 weeks – we only need 8ish weeks if we are custom cutting a stone for you. Those are especially worth the wait.

Is it a long time to wait? Well, that depends on how you look at it. I for one, once I design and order a new ring for myself, literally cannot wait to get my hands on it. I check the progress on the daily to see if it’s gone to casting yet, or on to stone setting, etc. It’s especially difficult because many of us are so used to ordering items online and they arrive in 2 days, one day, and now with Amazon you can get some products delivered the same exact day! That boggles my mind. But, I’m not on Amazon ordering a custom made-to-order engagement ring crafted from 14k gold, platinum, moissanite and diamonds.


Jen Hollywood-Showell

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