Video – $25-million Pagani Zonda crashes into Ford Fiesta

A supercar event in Croatia has ended with one of just three Zonda HP Barchettas needing some significant repairs.

Heading out for a drive with like-minded friends is always a great day out, but nothing can turn things upside down faster than seeing one of the cars involved in a minor bingle. Multiply this by 1000 per cent when the car in question is one of only three Pagani Zonda HP Barchettas in existence.

Sadly, one of the rarest of all, a Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta, will not be heading home after suffering significant damage from a traffic collision.

In a video captured by Benelux Supercars, the Zonda is seen driving along a village road when the car seems to lose traction, flicking the rear of the hypercar into the path of an oncoming Ford Fiesta.

While neither the occupants of the Ford or Pagani were injured, both cars sustained terminal damage.

The carbon-fibre bodywork has been damaged along the whole left-hand side, with the car’s rear-left wheel and suspension completely ripped off.

Such was the force of the impact, the side skirt and rear wheel spats on the right side of the car appear to have been dislodged as well.

For what it’s worth, the poor little Fiesta has damage to the front quarter and passenger door, and the driver’s airbag can be seen deployed.

Due to the car’s rarity, and despite the frighteningly expensive costs involved, it is highly likely the Zonda will be repaired.

All we can hope, is that for all parties involved, insurance cover was up to date.

Photo source: Artur Shynkarov

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