Valet In Monaco Crashes Blue LaFerrari Into Scooters

We are not sure about you all but even handing over our VW Golf keys to a car wash or even a valet gives us butterflies so handing over a $3.5m Ferrari LAFerrari is an entirely new level.

For the unfortunate owner of this blue LaFerrari in Monaco, our worries turned into a bit of a nightmare for him.

Initially, it all seems fine but then out of nowhere, the hypercar surges forward. The valet desperately jumps back into the car and slams on the brakes but not before the Ferrari collided with a pair of scooters that were parked in front of it. In the process, the car also almost took out a guy that was taking photos of it.

The owner of the prancing horse saw it all and can be seen shouting โ€œAre you f**king stupid,โ€ before telling the valet to โ€œget out.โ€

Sure the damage is minor but we know the repair bill will not be for the faint-hearted.


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