Top 8 Reasons to Use Garuda Linux

Have you been going back and forth in between several Linux tastes looking for an amazing experience? Or possibly you are originating from a Windows or MAC environment and wish to experiment with a Linux circulation that provides an excellent user experience with a vibrant and zestful UI? If you are any of those, then Garuda Linux is among the popular Linux distros to have a look at.

Garuda Linux is a fairly brand-new Arch-based Linux circulation that provides an unrivaled user experience. It can be found in a spectacular range of vibrant and dynamic desktop environments consisting of KDE, Xfce, Wayfire, GNOME, Qtile, Sway, i3wm, and LXQt-win. Since its release, Garuda Linux has actually won honors for being among the most easy to use and interesting Linux tastes to utilize offered its transcendent appeal. Garuda Linux is a rolling release circulation. It features a big collection of software application and utilizes Pacman as its plan supervisor.

Here are the leading 8 reasons that you need to think about utilizing Garuda Linux in 2021.

1. Intuitive and quick Calameres installer

Garuda Linux Calameres installer

Garuda Linux includes a quick and user friendly Calameres installer that quickly strolls you through the setup procedure. You can quickly track your setup action utilizing the left sidebar.

Further, it removes the tough and frequently lengthy job of setting up an Arch-based Linux circulation.

2. Stunning User experience

Garuda desktop

Garuda Linux is unquestionably a vibrant circulation that includes a splash of color and energy to the general user experience. Out-of-the-box, you get appealing desktop backgrounds, styles, icons, and navigation menus all of which add to an amazing UI.

If a spectacular UI is what you are searching for, then Garuda Linux is definitely the right Linux circulation for you.

3. BTRFS filesystem with zstd compression

By default, Garuda Linux provides the BTRFS filesystem which is a robust and much better filesystem that positions a focus on efficiency, fault tolerance, and smooth administration. The filesystem substantially decreases the opportunities of information corruption.

The BTRFS filesystem incorporates with snapper to offer an automated photo function that backup the whole system prior to every system upgrade.

4. Garuda assistant

Garuda assistant

Garuda offers a GUI assistant tool that assists you carry out some system upkeep and administration jobs. For circumstances, you can flawlessly upgrade the system, customize repositories, clear cache, and carry out other diagnostic jobs.

5. Settings Manager

Garuda Settings Manager

The settings supervisor is basically like the one you would discover in Manjaro. The settings supervisor permits you to fine-tune numerous parts of your system. You can set up your hardware, add/remove user accounts, set time and date, configure the keyboard and even set up a brand-new kernel.

6. Garuda Gamer

Garuda gamer

The Garuda Linux KDE Dr460nized release is a Garuda circulation that is specifically developed for video gaming. It offers Garuda player which is a GUI function that provides an abundant choice of video gaming software application consisting of Steam, RED WINE, PlayOnLinux (front-end for red wine that permits users to set up Windows-based video games ), GameCenter, Lutris, Minigalaxy, itch, Boxtron, and Heroic Game Launcher to discuss a couple of.

You likewise get other video gaming tools such as Discord, Piper, AntimicroX, Streamlink-Twitch-GUI, Oversteer, GWE, keyboard visualizer, and NoiseTorch.

In addition, you can set up a broad choice of video games and video gaming emulators.

7. Chaotic AUR

On top of utilizing Arch Linux main repositories, Garuda Linux utilizes an additional informal repository referred to as the disorderly AUR. This repository offers a big choice of precompiled binaries. At the time of composing this guide, the AUR offers 247 repositories with over 2400 software application bundles.

8. Great opensource neighborhood

Garuda Linux community

Although just recently introduced, Garuda Linux has a warm and dynamic online neighborhood that is constantly prepared to assist users resolve any problems they experience while dealing with the os.


Garuda Linux is a genuinely great, and user friendly rolling circulation that focuses not just on enhanced efficiency however likewise the feels and look. It’s developed for users who choose a vibrant and amazing interface and players too offered its large magnitude of video gaming software application and tools. Garuda Linux is complimentary and open-source and will constantly stay so. Currently, the source code is hosted on Gitlab and everybody can study the code, customize it and rearrange it.