Tips That You Have To Know While Choosing Emerald

Choosing the best emerald stone is an art and even you can be a master of art if you know the difference between lab-created emerald, synthetic emerald, and most importantly natural emerald.

It must be remember that anything natural would have impurities, even if it is a gemstone because it is a chemical composition of a number of natural elements.

Lab-grown gemstones, however, are extremely transparent and flawless, which makes it more synthetic.

So, the next time when you are buying an emerald, consider the following tips to ensure that you are investing in the right thing at the right place:

Buy From A Trusted Jeweler:

More often than not, jewelers will lie to you about the quality of Emerald gemstone they are selling.

However, a trust one will help you take an inform decision, stating the reason behind the difference in prices and the difference between the way they have been manufacture.

So, be wary of the way jewelers use the term ‘create’, ‘lab create’ and ‘laboratory-grown’.

Has The Emerald Been Treated?

Speak to the seller in details pertaining to the treatment of the gemstone. Ask if the stone has undergone a major or an insignificant treatment.


Also, ask if the stone has been examine for fillers. Better still, get the stone test from an independent lab to ensure whether the stone is natural or not.

Color Says It All:

Natural gemstones are bright in color and project a crystal-clear clarity. The color is evenly distribute, without zones visible to the naked eye.

Seek the help of a gemologist if you are still in doubt. But do not just invest in any stone randomly.


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