Times They Are A Changin’ – Engagement Ring Trends

As we are rocking along in 2018, Colleen, Kerry and I are seeing some cool transitions in engagement ring trends. Many of our clients are on the younger side (at least compared to me, ahem) and we find ya’ll absolutely keep an eye on what’s trending, it’s all kinds of awesome. For the last several years, one of our most popular styles primarily included a delicate diamond shank with a big ass center stone. Thankfully with moissanite a big ass center is totally doable. (ballin’ on a budget!) This style of engagement ring, like our ever popular Shay ring, looks beautiful stacked with narrow mixed bands. By mixed we are talking about stacking a few different styles, different metals, or both. It’s a cool modern look, definitely not your Mom’s wedding set. 

Another style we sold quite often was a big yummy solitaire, perfect for stacking with bling bands. Our Katya ring is a beautiful example of that style, with a sweeping trellis style setting.

Jen Hollywood-Showell

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