Hey beautiful people

 I hope everyone is doing well in this time of crisis. It is important to keep positive and to Trust God. A little update from me : I have been doing the daily 15 challenge by Roodlene to practice discipline and grow in my walk in  Christ. (check out her blog https://livingoutpurposee.wixsite.com/livingoutpurpose/post/daily-15-challenge. I have also been dealing with surviving university and family. comment something positive or sharing you’ve been spending your time.

Things to do on quarantine

  • Make a  Vision Board – This could be all the things you want to do after quarantine or 10 yrs down the line. This is a positive activity where you can visually see the future you want to have. And you can add things overtime or look back at the things you accomplished
  • Make moods – I love creating mood boards on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration in different projects or tips that I need.
  • 3). Learn a new skill I have been drawing and painting more (follow my art account on Instagram @katherine.can.draw. Painting is so relaxing you won’t have been a professional artist
  • 4).write songs-For my music lovers, start writing music you want to hear. We have so much time in our hands to create something new.
  • 5) Learn how to make money-With the recent climate of the economy and many Americans are unemployed during the pandemic, I have been thinking about ways to make, save, and invest money. I suggest you watch Lavish Ruby on YouTube. She talks about virtual jobs and how to invest your money in stocks. You can also do your own research
  • 6)Read a couple of books I have a couple books around the house that I have yet to read.I suggest reading to keep your mind busy. I will be reading “I know why the Caged Birds sings” by Maya Angelou and Glass Sword
  • 10) Have a Netflix party with friends. You can share a screen and watch a movie together while social distancing. You can download the Netflix party extension
  • 11)Do the daily 15 challenge. Read your bible for 15 min a day to teach you discipline in your walk-in Christ
  • 12) keep a journal I keep a journal to reflect on my daily/monthly thoughts. I write down my goals and aspirations in life. This helps with my mental health and stress. It helps to get everything in my mind on paper because I tend to overthink. You keep a travel journal on places you want to go to. Or a sketchbook or … whatever you want
  • I don’t own the pictures.
  • I wish you all well
  • Xoxo kat

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