My sister-in-law and I share some things in common: mental illness and suicide ideation and attempts. Not a great club to join but she has a tattoo with a ; on her wrist that I asked her about. She said it was to remind her that her story isn’t over yet and there is more to be written. An author uses a ; to add an additional thought to a sentence without closing or ending the sentence with a . first. For example, I’m thinking of ending my life; but I have too much going on tomorrow! My life’s not over yet.

Well, my twenty-something sister-in-law has a tattoo but my ever loving wife noticed I wanted one but being in my fifties not very keen on getting an ink job. My wife got me the bracelet shown in this post which reminds me every moment – there are people who want me to live, including me. I am a survivor. I’ve survived before and I’m not going to risk surviving again but if I do attempt, I’ll probably survive because I don’t want to really die. If I do it’s because of a manic, poor judgment, poor impulse controlled reflex most likely where I don’t even think about it. Something I’m not accountable for for sure. But I am not going to do it. I have a ; on my wrist and it speaks to my commitment to keep the life going! Keep the story going.

Thanks, honey, for finding this gift!


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I’m a husband and father, you can see my family in the home page of this site, and taking care of them is my first priority. I am a lazy Catholic and a political Independent. I don’t hate Trump just because he’s Trump and listen to him and give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s doing something good – but he does seem to shoot himself in the foot a lot. He should just close his mouth. But if you just hate him because you hate him you should close your mouth as well.
I have bipolar disorder, I talk about to help end the stigma surrounding it, and have episodes of now mild mania and extreme depression and suicidal ideations. I write this because you will see this in my blogs. I’m not seeking help or attention in a blog (I have a Facebook group for that where I get help) so if you see I’m contemplating suicide in a blog I’m either: blowing off steam, or posting here and with my bipolar group at the same time and they’re helping me. You can comment but don’t think you’re needed to intervene!
I am also distracting myself from what can be an all encompassing disease by being in the ham radio hobby. I got my first license back in 1980 when morse code was a requirement. I got my second-level license, allowing me to talk on the air, in 1983. I then did little participation (just renewing my license every 6 years) for 30+ years. Looking for something to take my mind of my disease, I joined the Richardson Wireless Klub ( and upgraded my license to the third-level, the “General” license which allows me to talk to other hams around the world not just around town. My callsign is KA5GKL. If you are a ham you can find me in the Richardson area on 147.120+PL110.9 or 444.725+PL110.9 or if you’re not in Richardson use WiresX and connect to the K5RWK-ROOM.

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