The New Family / Podcast Episode 248: Examining your own issues so you can parent your best

Thanks so much for coming by to check out Episode 248 of The New Family Podcast, where we talk to a psychologist about looking inwards in order to be better parents.

For this episode we speak to child psychologist Dr. Vanessa LaPointe. Vanessa is the author of two books, including her latest Parenting Right From the Start: Laying a Healthy Foundation in the Baby and Toddler Years. But this episode is not about the baby and toddler years. It’s about the investigation into ourselves that Dr. LaPointe argues is so necessary in order to parent the way we want to. She explains how we can work through issues from the past that inevitably have an effect on how we respond to the challenges and demands of raising our own kids.

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What Dr. LaPointe hopes people would get our of reading the book

“In terms of growing kids up in the best possible way – if we could, even in just one generation of parents, all of us come out this parenting thing with relationship at the forefront, really understanding that development is a real thing, and absolutely embracing this concept that we must grow ourselves in order to be able to show up and grow our children. That it isn’t on our kids that we’re struggling. If we could come out of the raising of our young that way, we would change the world.”

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