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gemstone is being worn by people since time immemorial for various benefits
which are obtained from wearing gemstones. Apart from its astrological
importance gemstones are quite attractive looking. They are known to provide power
to weaker planets and each gemstone is related to a specific planet according
to the color and the ability of the gemstone to attract the cosmic rays of that
specific planet to it.
benefits of gemstones can be achieved only after wearing original gemstones and
not the artificial ones, along with that the advantages can be maximized when
they are cut in proper shapes and sizes as per the requirement.

are nine precious stones which are used to harness the positive energies of
nine planets, namely:

  • Ruby
    used for sun
  • Natural
    pearl used for moon
  • Yellow
    sapphire for Jupiter
  • Red
    coral used for mars
  • Emerald
    for mercury
  • Diamond
    used for venus
  • Blue
    sapphire for Saturn
  • Hessonite
    used for Rahu
  • Cat’s
    eye for Ketu

are the nine gemstones which are related to the nine planets. But in order to
get proper, it is important to wear gemstones only after expert guidance from
astrologers because wearing gemstones without the right guidance can have
adverse effects.

buying Gems Online, India has a number
of websites which sell gemstones but before buying it is necessary to check the
authenticity of that site as well as the authentication certificate for the
gemstone from a government laboratory because as mentioned above artificial
gemstones won’t give the desired effects and benefits. Buying a certified
gemstone is really important due to a number of reasons, one of them being the
high price and buying gemstones is regarded as a big investment.
customers can get Certified
Gemstone Online
There are a number of online jewelry websites which
sell only certified gemstones. Let’s talk about the importance of buying
certified gemstones. A gemstone certificate contains detail regarding the
quality and various other characteristics. A gemstones expert examine the
gemstone and give report which is called gemstone certificate and the gemstone
which is being examined is known as a certified gemstone.
gemstone certificate incorporates various details of the gemstone such as its
weight, carat, color and a number of other specifications. A gemstone
certificate contains all the minute details regarding the gemstone. For that
reason, people prefer to buy certified gemstones because they are analyzed by
experts and they have successfully passed every parameter of quality.

certified gemstones ensure that the customers are getting the original stone.
There are a number of websites which only deals with certified gemstones and
one can Buy Certified Gemstones Online
from these websites.

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