The best co-op shooters to play with friends

There are quite a lot of high-quality games in single player, but what about products that you can play with friends. Shoot and have fun, or get used to the role of a professional military and play with maximum role-playing.

Games to play with friends:


One of the most famous shooters and the continuation of the legendary cs 1.6 known to many players.

What modes to play:

Matchmaking – get together with five, or get the missing players in a random search and fight with opponents for the right to increase the game rank. The loser risks, on the contrary, losing points and falling one level below the rank.

Arms race – whoever kills opponents first with all types of weapons and a knife on the map will be the winner.

Cleanup – 3 terrorists plant a bomb on one of the points on the map, and 4 commandos must knock out the plant and clear the bomb. Of the features – in the mode there is no purchase of weapons, the player selects one of the available cards with a set of equipment. The best player in the next round can take improved equipment.

2v2 mode, partners – ideal mode if there are two of you. The game map has been reduced to one site. The terrorists must go to the point and destroy all the commandos, or plant a bomb and let it explode. The special forces, in turn, must destroy the terrorists and clear the bomb if it was installed. The economy works the same as in Matchmaking, and the mode has its own rank system. The game lasts up to 9 wins.


GTA V is rightfully considered one of the best games in the gaming industry. The developers from RockStar have created a truly masterpiece in terms of story, open game and living world and opportunities available to players.

In co-op, players can complete heists, which are divided into stages, and earn the money needed to buy real estate, vehicles, clothes, and improvements.

If you wish, you can open your own company and, together with friends, complete tasks to earn money. Stealing vehicles, transporting goods, attacking other players.

There are a lot of activities in the game, some of the most interesting are:

  • City racing
  • Robbery
  • raids
  • Reflection of attacks
  • Theft
  • Gunfight with gangs

Also, available in the game are mini-games, such as casino, tennis, arm wrestling.

Destiny 2 and King Fall Carry Raid

Destiny 2 by Banjie is a storyline continuation of the first part and one of the best shooter MMOs with themes of the foreseeable future.

Players will be able to join groups after completing the introductory tutorial and go through quests together and explore the continents and planets available in the game.

Of the interesting activities, players are available:

  1. Strikes – attacks on bosses in small groups of three people. The main task is to enter a special zone, destroy the guards, defeat the boss and leave the territory taking the treasures with you. Strikes differ in complexity and the required equipment for passing. But it will not be difficult for a backbone of three friends to pass any of them due to teamwork and aimed shooting.
  2. Raids are the most interesting and valuable activity in the world of Destiny 2. Players form groups to defeat the most powerful bosses and receive rare rewards. One of the new King’s Fall raids is already waiting for those who want to try their skills and get the best reward in the current update.

Arma 3

Arma 3 is a full-fledged military simulator with the ability to fully role-play as a professional military soldier.

Players are waiting for realistic ballistics of bullets, a lot of equipment, a chance to die from one hit. The game is as hardcore as possible and realistic in terms of warfare.

The game is suitable for everyone who is ready for complexity and does not expect arcade lightness like Call of Duty.

In the third part of the game, the developers did not make a full-fledged cooperative campaign, but added many single missions available for passing by a group of players.

Perform sweeps and other combat operations against the US Army and local military forces on the island.

Pankaj Kheriwal

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