21 Stunning Zendaya Fashion Looks Of 2021

She handles to look excellent in any and whatever! Here’s Zendaya. We all understand and like her — I suggest, how might you not?! In case you in some way weren’t conscious, she is genuinely among the most stylish individuals EVER! At just age 25, she has actually currently handled to make herself a style […]

Zendaya talks Dune Part 2, and Timothée Chalamet is buzz

Zendaya was late to the celebration on Arrakis, her character Chani just turning up in earnest in the last act of Dennis Villeneuve’s popular legendary, however she’s thrilled to offset wasted time. Deadline’s brand-new cover story goes deep on where Dune Part Two stands today: the stakes of having one worm-sized success down, and another […]

Inner-Eye Accents Are the Easiest Makeup Trend to Pull Off — See Photos

When it pertains to our eye makeup, the external corner has actually constantly grabbed all of the spotlight, let’s be truthful. Winged eye shadow or snapped liner have actually headlined for ages… and we get it, smoky eyes are quite damn foxy and a cat-eye will never ever not be a traditional. But what about […]