George Dunlop Leslie (1835-1921) – British Genre Painter

Hi all! Today I am going to share terrific paintings by British Genre painter George Dunlop Leslie (1835-1921). He was an author, painter and illustrator. George was born in a creative household and his dad was a kept in mind and extremely well-known category painter and his name was Charles Robert Leslie RA, Also George’s […]

Pierre-Auguste Renoir | French Painter | 1841–1919

Pierre Auguste was born in France and was quite in love with female figures and liked to paint and draw female figures. Thus the majority of his art topics wound up as woman. Many times his art subject i.e. the lady was utilized to be his buddy, relative or his enthusiast.   Many a times […]

Emotional Tibet Girl Paintings by Chinese Artist "Ai Xuan"

Today, I will be sharing some extremely psychological artwork and paintings of Tibet women by Chinese artist Ai Xuan. In Ai’s paintings 2 topics predominate, initially one is kids and 2nd one is a snowy landscape painting of Tibet.  This artist has actually gone to Tibet sometimes and got quite brought in by the snowy […]

Digital Paintings by Kristina Gehrmann

Kristina Gehrmann is an expert illustrator who concentrates on People, metaphorical, historic and dream topics. She is presently living and operating in Humburg, Germany and considering that 2002 she has actually been painting with a graphics tablet. Have a take a look at her digital art. I make certain that you will like her work.  […]

Leopold Schmutzler | 1864-1941 | Bohemian Painter

Leopold Schmutzler was born in Bohemia in 1864 however he later on got settled in Munich. His birth location was Mies. His produced works like Russell-Cotes painting, ‘frock-coat’ and deal with with titles such as The Suiter. He utilize to paint metaphorical work, the majority of which included female figures. He utilized to paint in a reasonable design which remembered […]

Nicolai Fechin | Russia Born American Impressionist Artist

Nicolai Fechin was born in Russia in 1881. He was recognized to be a Russian-born American Painter who was a well-known portrait artist and was additionally well-known for his varied works which had been centered on Native Americans. He graduated with excessive marks from the imperial Academy of Arts and travelled all through Europe beneath […]


Introduction and fundamentals of the art type: This is an art type practiced in the location of Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh. To start Kalamkari implies workmanship with using pen. In this art type pen is utilized to draw freedom illustrations on a piece of cotton fabric. This art type progressed with the patronage of the […]

Tips in Choosing a Water Damage Restoration Company

Floods, pipes concerns, storms, or roofing leakages are water catastrophes that can strike your house at any possible provided time. The ever-changing weather condition in some states makes it possible for water damage to take place in any home. Fortunately, you can considerably restrict the damages and act quick prior to mold grows on the […]

“Princess” – Fine Art Photography by Slovakian Artists

“Princess” – Fine Art Photography by Slovakian Artists  Well! “Princess” is a style photography task which is developed by artists from Slovakia. In this style task the collection is developed to display the non-traditional and stunning idea of animal garments.  This picture shoot appears to be s ideal one which develops a wonderful aura and takes […]

Wilhelm Von Schadow (1789-1862) – A German Romantic Painter

Wilhelm Von Schadow(7 September 1789- 19 March 1862) was a German Romantic painter who was born in Berlin. Wilhelm was the son of Johann Gottfried Schadow who was a very talented sculpture. Wilhelm got his first drawing lessons at home from his father. Check out some of this German artist’s paintings. medianet_width = "300";