The In Win Explorer And Airforce, New Flat Pack Enclosures

Since IKEA Still Doesn’t Sell PC Enclosures If you feel that the something missing out on from your PC structure experience is having the case show up in a flat pack, and in requirement of assembly then you must have a look at the In Win Explorer and In Win Airforce at TechPowerUp.  They both […]

Podcast #653 – NVIDIA Updates DLSS, Intel BIOS Security Flaws, Seagate puts HDDs on your NVME, Win 10 vs 11 on Alder Lake, Cherry MX Keyboard Review + mOrE!

Intel has more severe BIOS security flaws, NVIDIA has some nice updates for DLSS including some software based rendering techniques, Cherry MX aluminum keyboard review, Seagate has got this idea for putting harddrives on the NVME connection, and grab those Windows 11 patches!  They’re hot.  Plus more in the notes below.  For those keeping score, […]

🥇 You WIN 🥇 | Gwendolyn J. Jones

Today is the perfect day to be proud of all of the progress you’ve made! For me, this Sunday August 8 marks the day my favorite cotton candy doughnut leaves Greenville forever! When I got the e-mail, I panicked, I wanted to eat one for breakfast at least 3 times this week as I may […]