Coinbase Voices: Creating her own course in crypto | by Coinbase | Nov, 2021

Veronica Hash, Program Manager for Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity, shares her crypto journey and provides insight into her course at Coinbase Tell us about what you do. What does it imply to be the Program Manager for Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity (QUOTE) at Coinbase? My everyday differs (which I definitely enjoy), however it constantly begins […]

Using WaveNet know-how to reunite speech-impaired customers with their unique voices

This submit particulars a current mission we undertook with Google and ALS campaigner Tim Shaw, as a part of Google’s Euphonia mission. We display an early proof of idea of how text-to-speech applied sciences can synthesise a high-quality, pure sounding voice utilizing minimal recorded speech knowledge.   As a young person, Tim Shaw put all the […]