G82 BMW M4 Gets a New 3D Design Tuning Package

The G82 BMW M4 is one aggressive looking vehicle. From its enormous kidney grilles, to the bulges in its hood, to is enormous wheels, it’s instantly clear that the M4 suggests organization. However, if it simply isn’t disco enough for you, there’s constantly the aftermarket. You don’t desire simply any aftermarket parts for your really […]

2000 Dodge Viper GTS Dyno Tuning Unlocks 28 More Horsepower

This video responds to the concern of just how much you can tune a naturally aspirated lorry by utilizing a dyno as a tool for inspecting tweaks to both the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing. The guinea pig for this test is a stock 2000 Dodge Viper with simply 38,000 miles (61,155 kilometers). The primary […]