Next-gen PlayStation VR in 2021? Don’t get your hopes up

Shortly after the PlayStation 5 released, Sony verified that it’s dealing with a brand-new PlayStation VR headset for the platform. Details on this next-gen PSVR have actually been relatively slim because that preliminary statement; while Sony has actually detailed the brand-new controllers that will deliver with the gadget, we haven’t seen the brand-new PSVR headset […]

PlayStation Studios obtaining Firesprite: Tip of the video gaming tech spear

This week the folks revealed they’d gotten an extremely fascinating video game designer studio. They are Firesprite, the developers of a couple of video games that’ve been crucial to the intro of PlayStation 4 and virtual truth aspects in PlayStation’s most recent consoles. This is the sort of studio you may’ve anticipated to have actually […]

PlayStation VR: 5 Common Problems and How to Solve Them

There’s absolutely nothing much better than pulling a PlayStation VR headset from its product packaging, putting it on your head for the very first time, and diving into the terrific worlds that just virtual truth can provide. Virtual truth is extreme, surreal, and unlike anything we’ve seen in computer game prior to. At the very […]

Windlands 2 Finally Grapples Onto PlayStation VR This Friday – VRFocus

For the launch of Oculus Rift method back in 2016, Psytec Games challenged gamers with browsing environments by utilizing grappling hooks in Windlands. Its follow up Windlands 2 enhanced the gameplay whilst including a multiplayer element. In 2018 when Windlands 2 showed up for PC VR headsets the studio did discuss a PlayStation VR variation […]