Stephanie Hollman Gets Cheek Contouring, See Pics

Stephanie Hollman not too long ago underwent a process “to look younger and fresher.” Months after The Real Housewives of Dallas was placed on an indefinite hiatus, Stephanie ventured to Beverly Hills, California, the place she enlisted the assistance of Dr. Simon Ourian. And, following the process, the doctor shared a video and earlier than and […]

EXCLUSIVE: Saweetie’s Dating Lil Baby . . . We Got Pics To CONFIRM IT!!

Female rap artist Saweetie is now dating Lil Baby, MTO News has actually validated. Last week, we reported to you that Lil Baby dropped $100,000 on his very first date with Saweetie. And it appears like the “investment” has actually settled. The couple was found out this weekend on a 2nd date and Saweetie seemed […]

Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian Take Pics With Tourist

Selfie with Pete Davidson = brand-new life objective. This weekend, a Dutch music reporter called Paul Barewijk was on holiday in LA. Apparently, the traveler was having breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel and speaking to his mother on the phone when he saw some celebs close by. “All of the sudden, I looked to […]

Pixel 4 XL Vs Galaxy Note 10 Pics: HDR, Portrait, Night Sight Shoot-Out

Our remaining battleground is the all-important low gentle night time mode shot, or Night Sight, in Google Pixel communicate. Unfortunately we did not have a starry night time to seize with Google’s new Pixel 4 Astrophotography function. However, we did have entry to some good lake entrance property with an overcast, heavy mist setting and […]