Maker of Totem Poles Allegedly Faked Native American Heritage –

According to a federal examination, the Washington-based artist Lewis Anthony Rath misrepresented himself as a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in an effort to present totem poles and other crafts he made as genuine Native American artifacts. On November 23rd, an unique representative from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service submitted a problem […]

iSpeak – discover to speak English like a native: Business English

1. Listen and address concerns listed below: a) Why does David wish to alter his existing task? b) What made David response this specific task deal? c) What is David’s biggest defect? 2. Now listen once again and contact the reading whether you addressed properly. – Hi David, thank you for coming. As you understand, […]

This Thanksgiving, Don’t Forget the History of Native Bounties in the United States

After the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving is the most greatly mythologized US-specific vacation, and in some methods its misconception is much more perilous. Whereas the Fourth of July is an origin story for the country, Thanksgiving is its expected prehistory, a stealthily anodyne representation of relations in between European inhabitants and the land’s Native occupants. […]