EXCLUSIVE: Saweetie’s Dating Lil Baby . . . We Got Pics To CONFIRM IT!!

Female rap artist Saweetie is now dating Lil Baby, MTO News has actually validated. Last week, we reported to you that Lil Baby dropped $100,000 on his very first date with Saweetie. And it appears like the “investment” has actually settled. The couple was found out this weekend on a 2nd date and Saweetie seemed […]

Lil Baby Spends $100K On His First Date w/ Saweetie!! (Secure The Bag)

Female rap artist Saweetie requires to compose a book on how to draw out leading dollar from abundant males. Last year, MTO News found out that she got numerous countless dollars, to go on a date with NBA star James Harden. Now it’s being reported that Saweetie asked for that Lila Baby take her “shopping” […]