Now Qualcomm Wants to Help Build the Metaverse

Image: Qualcomm Like it or not, everybody is speaking about the metaverse, and now Qualcomm is attempting to enter into the combine with a brand-new AR advancement platform called Qualcomm Spaces. Described as a multi-device AR advancement platform and community, Qualcomm is hoping Snapdragon Spaces will offer the foundation for producing brand-new AR apps planned […]

Best Chromebooks Of 2021: Acer, ASUS And Lenovo Go Head To Head

Check Out These Great Chromebook Options From Some Of The Most Trusted Names In Computing Unless you have actually been living under a rock, you currently understand that the Chromebook market is red hot at the minute. The COVID-19 pandemic and the sharp boost in need for inexpensive computing gadgets from daily customers and school […]