What is Hypnotic Regression Therapy? — B HYPNOTIZED

Whenever we hear about “age regression”, “regression therapy” or “hypnotic regression”, hypnosis comes into thoughts instantly. All of those are obscure phrases for many individuals. They are sometimes misunderstood or interchangeably used. Although all the regression therapies can supply constructive outcomes for therapeutic from emotional trauma, they will additionally supply basic self-improvement advantages. Let’s look […]

Can You Release Traumatic Memories With Hypnotherapy? — B HYPNOTIZED

Nowadays, it seems like the trauma is almost in everyone’s life one way or another. Some traumatic events from childhood still affect us as we get older. Undeniably, as a society, we are now more open than ever to talk about trauma. But just because we hear it more often, this shouldn’t minimize trauma’s negative […]

4 Core Principles of Changing Any Habit — B HYPNOTIZED

Maybe it’s the killer smoking habit for you or eating uncontrollably for someone else; nowadays we all deal with unhealthy habits like these in life. The range of unhealthy habits is very large. Drinking an excessive amount of coffee, biting nails, or even things like excessive social media usage can be considered a questionable dependency! […]

Getting Ready for a Surgery? Consider Hypnosis — B HYPNOTIZED

Even a simple visit to the doctor’s office can be nerve-wracking for many. How about surgery? After all, we mostly visit the doctor’s office when we are in pain or feel like something is just not right. Although we go through the surgery process to heal and get better, many people have negative associations with […]

Are You Growing Up To Be Like Your Parents? — B HYPNOTIZED

  You are familiar with your parents Our complex minds prefer familiarity and repeating the same patterns rather than stepping into an unknown field. This way, we can conserve the brain’s energy and continue with survival. Therefore, the subconscious mind likes to stick with the existing associations and patterns after we learn them. Think about […]

Hypnotherapy for Impostor Syndrome — B HYPNOTIZED

  Hypnosis for impostor syndrome When we look at the studies about impostor syndrome, we see that impostor syndrome is highly correlated with low self-esteem, anxiety, and self-sabotage.   Hypnosis can help with self-esteem Think of how you perceive yourself in daily life. Sometimes we even hear the negative self-talk going on for hours before […]