‘I’m blind however innovation assists me stimulate’

Elodie Bateson has actually been blind given that birth. But the 11-year-old from Limavady has actually ended up being a specialist at making short cartoon animations. She utilizes a voice-assisted tablet and professional braille innovation to assist her make the films. It provides her in-depth descriptions as she works and audio triggers likewise enable her […]

Counting on cork: How a natural material helps drive sustainability

As far as materials go, cork has always been close to Mazda’s heart. More than 100 years ago, the company started out as a manufacturer of cork products, called Toyo Cork Kogyo in 1920. At the time, cork oaks were in abundance in the region around Hiroshima, while the local shipbuilding industry represented a buoyant […]

Deep learning helps predict traffic crashes before they happen | MIT News

Today’s world is one big maze, connected by layers of concrete and asphalt that afford us the luxury of navigation by vehicle. For many of our road-related advancements — GPS lets us fire fewer neurons thanks to map apps, cameras alert us to potentially costly scrapes and scratches, and electric autonomous cars have lower fuel […]

Deep learning helps predict new drug combinations to fight Covid-19 | MIT News

The existential threat of Covid-19 has highlighted an acute need to develop working therapeutics against emerging health concerns. One of the luxuries deep learning has afforded us is the ability to modify the landscape as it unfolds — so long as we can keep up with the viral threat, and access the right data.  As […]