A Tender Illustrated French Meditation on Loss and Healing – The Marginalian

I understand just 3 side-doors to the cathedral of awareness, through which we can bypass the confused mind to get in the heart of the most abstruse, shattering, and universal human experiences, emerging a little bit more entire: poetry, kids’s books, and Bach. No human experience is more shattering than the disappearing of a liked […]

Pierre-Auguste Renoir | French Painter | 1841–1919

Pierre Auguste was born in France and was quite in love with female figures and liked to paint and draw female figures. Thus the majority of his art topics wound up as woman. Many times his art subject i.e. the lady was utilized to be his buddy, relative or his enthusiast.   Many a times […]

French Toast Fingers with Quick Berry Syrup

Finger foods. Every kid likes ’em. And, heck, a great deal of grown-ups do too. (Including us!) Which is why we can’t get enough of these delicious and lovable French Toast Fingers with Quick Berry Syrup from Alexandra Caspero’s and Whitney English’s (you may remember her from this motivating podcast ep!) brand-new book, The Plant-Based […]

Healthier french fries? Yes, please 😋

Healthier french fries? Yes, please 😋 For lots of people, french fries are among the most scrumptious foods out there — and among their greatest yearnings. Unfortunately, french fries are likewise among the unhealthiest foods you can consume. Why are they so unhealthy? They normally include a great deal of salt, which can increase the […]

How do you state Seal in French?

How do you state Seal in French? phoque (plural: phoques) joint (plural: joints) prestige (plural: prestiges) Seal in French examples De temps à autre, le phoque pointait la tête hors de l’eau. (Now and after that, the seal popped its go out of the water.) Le joint empêche l’eau d’entrer. (The seal avoids water from getting in.) Il vérifie le prestige […]

Jean-Hilaire Belloc – A French Painter (1786-1866)

Jean Hilaire Belloc was born upon 27 November 1786 and was a French Painter. In the beginning of his profession as an artist he was a trainee in the studio of Antoine Gros and later on he ended up being the trainee of Jean-Baptise Regnault. He worked as a teacher of drawing at the I’Ecole-de-Medecine. […]