Ollie Macdonald Oulds shows the hum of daily life

“My brothers and I were allowed to draw on one wall in our childhood home. I think that really encouraged us to have a crack, and validated the purpose. I can also recall being about five years old and pointing out corrections to my mum’s Batman she was drawing for me,” states Ollie Macdonald Oulds, […]

Rosalind Fox Solomon Captures the Humanity of Everyday Lives

A compact present at Foley Gallery of some 30 black and white pictures by Rosalind Fox Solomon (b. 1930) coincides with the discharge of The Forgotten, her photograph e-book spanning the Seventies to the early aughts. In an interview with Vulture, Solomon mentioned that she didn’t like giving out data as a result of “the […]

Easy Natural Everyday Makeup look #Over40

1. City Beauty Skin-Perfecting Daily Veil // City Beauty (Get 15% off with code SISSI) This is a light-weight, broad spectrum SPF 39 that immediately blurs flaws, while supporting firmness, flexibility, and hydration for a completely more younger appearance. Makes skin feel so smooth! 2. City Beauty Under Eye Recovery // City Beauty (Get 15% off with […]

Gelli-Plate Printing | The Everyday Artist

Exploring concepts on creativity by way of digital artwork. I’ve been having fun with working with Gelatine printing to provide some cool textures and designs. It is a straightforward, low cost and enjoyable option to get inventive and make some artwork. Gelatine printing or Gelli-plate printing, is a mono-printing method that works with a plate […]

Algrave Star Trails | The Everyday Artist

Exploring concepts on imagination through digital art. One of the most remarkable things to picture is Star Trails. In essence, it is a photo of the Earth’s spin on its axis – as revealed to us by the night sky. Capturing an image like this offers me stop briefly to keep in mind that the […]

Butterfly, Butterfly | The Everyday Artist

Exploring concepts on imagination through digital art. I heard the very best time to picture butterflies is early in the early morning when their wings are still heavy with dew, and they move gradually. I stumbled upon this one in the middle of the day. She was much too hectic feeding upon the wild Rhododendrons […]