Edward Feser: MacIntire on human self-respect

Recently, Alasdair MacIntire provided a talk on the style “Human Dignity: A Puzzling and Possibly Dangerous Idea?” at the Fall Conference of the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame.  You can view it on YouTube.  It has gotten a great deal of attention even beyond scholastic circles, which […]

Edward Burtynsky, Who Captures Reality of Environmental Disaster, Recognized for “Outstanding Contribution to Photography”

Canadian professional photographer Edward Burtynsky got high honors today, November 24, acknowledged for his “Outstanding Contribution to Photography” by the World Photography Organisation’s 2022 Sony World Photography Awards. Burtynsky’s work records wide-angle views of commercial procedures and waste and their interactions with natural communities. Over years, his work has actually taken a look at the complicated procedure […]