This Watercolor Is One of the Earliest Depictions of a Black Woman Living in Scotland

David Allan, “Edinburgh Milkmaid with Butter Churn” (c. 1780–1790) (all images courtesy National Galleries of Scotland) Last week, the National Galleries of Scotland revealed their acquisition of among the earliest recognized pictures of a Black lady by a Scottish artist. “Edinburgh Milkmaid with Butter Churn” by artist David Allan is an unusual, 18th-century watercolor that […]

Jay Leno drives a Dodge Polara, among the earliest muscle vehicles

The newest episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” includes what might be called a proto-muscle automobile. It’s a 1964 Dodge Polara with an enormous V-8 under the hood. The muscle automobile age is usually thought about to have actually begun in 1964 with the Pontiac GTO. But some vehicles fitting that design template appeared prior to […]