Does the Definition of Strong Need Rethinking?

What do you think about when you hear the word “strong?” An picture of a weightlifter, Olympian, or somebody that can hold up against a great deal of physical effort? Strong is a word that stimulates pictures of physical conditioning and being “tough.”  However, brand-new research study performed by Course5 Intelligence on behalf of Fitbit […]

Direct Characterization: Definition & Examples

Direct characterization is when an author explains a character in a simple way, as if informing the reader straight. Also referred to as “explicit characterization,” direct characterization includes particular information about a character’s look, inspiration, task, enthusiasms, and/or background, however prevents the reader from drawing their own conclusions about the character.  An effective weapon in […]

Where the rubber fulfills the roadway Idiom Definition – Grammarist

Where the rubber fulfills the roadway is an idiom that has actually remained in usage for years. An idiom is a typically utilized word, group of words, or expression that has a metaphorical significance that is not quickly deduced from its actual meaning. Often utilizing detailed images or metaphors, typical idioms are words and expressions […]