Bringing brand-new life to Swedish threatened animals utilizing AR

According to the UN, more plants and animals are threatened with termination now than in any other duration of human history — around 1 million types internationally. The speeding up rate of termination is an immediate matter, and at today’s UN biodiversity conference agents from nations all over the world are coming together practically to […]

A True Story Of Murder, Survival, and Bringing Down the Chicago Mob • WildBlue Press

Coming Soon on Reelz! Step into Chicago throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, where mobsters influence everyone from strip-club owners to Teamsters, aldermen, judges, and local police. It is a world where good men are corrupted by the irresistible lure of money and power, and families are shattered by lies, violence, and tragedy. Danny Seifert, a […]

Community Moderating — Bringing Our Best

In light of the Trump restriction, far ideal hate speech, and the clearly unusual QAnon conspiracy theories, the world’s attention is progressively concentrated on the small amounts of and by social networks platforms. Our work at AKASHA is established on the belief that people are not issues waiting to be resolved, however prospective waiting to […]