Can You Pronounce These Authors’ Names Correctly?

One of the obstacles of working in a bookstore or creator is saying creator names. There’s not sufficient time to analysis each guide that is available in to be sure you’re saying them appropriately, so you need to decide and select which to double verify and which to cross your fingers you’re getting proper. Besides, […]

Is Twitter Chasing Authors Off Social Media?

I’ve been on Twitter for nearly a decade and I’m nonetheless not offered on it. If pressed I’d say I hate it greater than I like i,t and I’m nowhere close to loving it. It’s the place the place I get most of my information as-it-happens-and-always-breaking, but it surely’s additionally a cesspit of unhealthy behaviour. […]

Tips for Newbies and Striving Authors

Pin You cannot make sure that your profession course is not dedicated to composing unless you attempt to look into the advantages of pencraft. Of course, there can be an inherent disposition to composing proficiency – something that amazingly occurs at the hereditary level. Yet, even if your daddy was Ray Bradbury or your mom […]