The Cure for Colic – Andie Mitchell

When Levi’s physician informed us he had “classic colic” at his two-month visit and followed it up with a solemn, “It will probably get better in two to three months…,” I nodded along to in some way ensure her I might manage it. Of course I couldn’t manage it. Inside I was believing 2! TO! […]

10 Months with Levi – Andie Mitchell

Until now, the majority of what I’ve shared about Levi has actually been our battle with colic. And yes, those were a few of the most difficult months of my life, however it doesn’t inform the entire story about the previous 10 months with Levi. Since the four-month mark, I can’t think just how much […]

Our Living Room – Andie Mitchell

We’ve remained in our home for 4 years now, and for 3 of those years, the front space of our home—the official living-room, the very first thing you see from the front door—was adoringly called “the soccer room,” which naturally was since it was a huge void where my hubby, Daniel, established a big soccer […]