Washable Fabric Measures Electrical Activity of Muscles

Researchers at the University of Utah crafted a wearable material that can operate as a biosensor, determining electrical activity of muscles. The innovation might be beneficial for physical rehab, enabling clinicians and physiotherapists to keep an eye on clients’ development. The material includes a network of silver flakes and gold nanoparticles that supply conductivity and […]

Coinbase Ventures 2021-Q3 activity and takeaways | by Coinbase | Oct, 2021

Around the Block from Coinbase Ventures clarifies essential patterns affecting the crypto environment. In this edition, the Ventures group offers an upgrade on Coinbase Ventures activity in 2021-Q3, and essential knowings from around the market. Coinbase Ventures (or “Ventures”) has actually become among the most active VC financiers in crypto by offer count. In Q3, […]