Charity Pledge – Autumn to Winter 2021 · 3dtotal · Learn | Create

Introduction From 2020, 3dtotal has committed to donating 20% of our net profits to charitable causes to help the world and the people who inhabit it, thanks to the incredible support from our valued customers, employees, and partners. We wanted to share what our success has allowed us to donate from March – September 2021… […]

Crystal Ship by BONDOK · 3dtotal · Learn | Create

I’ve been rather hectic with work however regardless of all, I had the ability to spare a long time and deal with my individual art work called “Crystal Ship”, Finally! which is motivated by the “Breaking Bad” series. It all began with fast stopping and became long weeks of modeling, texturing, rendering, figuring things out, […]

Create an elegant Halloween woman in ZBrush & Maya · 3dtotal · Learn | Create

This tutorial contains NSFW imagery Introduction In this tutorial I’ll show the process of turning a stylized 2D character into 3D. I want to show a less technical, more artistic process, getting a good render without retopology or UVs. The objective in this case is to get a good render without going through the whole […]

Insider by Patiphan Sottiwilaiphong · 3dtotal · Learn | Create

This art piece belongs of “The Lost Camp” job, the group of 5 reward artists(included me) concentrating on their core ability optimisation. We all worked under 1 principle “Insider” I analyzed the “Insider” principle as a dispute in between myself and the other me. When a brand-new topic has actually gotten here into my head, […]

Paint a set of friendly Halloween pumpkins · 3dtotal · Learn | Create

Introduction Bringing colors and values together in a painting can be a challenge. It seems like you have two options: either start from black-and-white and create a painting with fantastic values and a dramatic lighting, or you start from a colored sketch and end up with vibrant colors, but less control over the values. A […]

Create an elegant photorealistic male picture · 3dtotal · Learn | Create

Introduction This is a making of my project, “Max,” based on the concept of Max Ulichney. I will try to cover all the process from the first blocking to the final render, so everyone can know the pipeline I used for this project. Blockout The first step was to block the characters. I used just […]

Creating a 3D mannequin for a paint over · 3dtotal · Learn | Create

Introduction When you start out as an artist it is a rewarding exercise to construct your own perspective drawings. However, as you progress in your career, you will discover that it is not always feasible to draw everything from scratch. When you have to paint an illustration without an existing concept it gets challenging to […]

Paint and render a firefly in Photoshop · 3dtotal · Learn | Create

Introduction Having a clear and structured process is key when it comes to painting any subject. When you work as an artist, you don‘t know what your next gig might be about. So it is important that you are flexible and prepared. In this tutorial I am going to show you my method using the […]