Stouchwood Nail Cuticle Oil & Butter

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Today’s post is everything about nail care and cuticle care. And yes, this is not sponsored at all, neither has anybody asked me to do it. 

As a nail polish and nail art fan, it is really crucial for me to look after my nails. If they are broken, broke, and harmed with dry cuticles, nail art or polish will not look great on them. The finest method to make it possible is by hydrating them with the ideal items. And if you are an Indian, residing in India, you should understand how tough it is to get great cuticle care items. My typical one was Innisfree cuticle oil, however I might not get my hands on it due to across the country lockdown. 

During this time, I saw a fellow nail artist post something about a cuticle oil and balm established by another fellow nail artist. So, after lots of concerns and a little doubt in my mind, I positioned the order for this combination pack. And now I am on my 3rd order!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you to Stouchwood cuticle and nail oil + balm


✨10ml of our Nail & Cuticle Oil – Rs. 250 each Free shipping

✨15gm of our Cuticle butter – Rs. 250 each Free shipping

This combination is priced at Rs. 450/- with complimentary shipping.

Available in all 4 versions-

Coffee, Royal Rose, Ginger Lime & Tulsi.

You can position the order for these at the Instagram page of Stouchwood skin care. 

This one here is a Coffee alternative

Stouchwood Cuticle butter

This butter is definitely magnificent. It smells incredible and works remarkably. The texture is quite smooth like any other nut butter. It melts as quickly as it strikes your skin and gets soaked up well. It is not sticky however incredibly hydrating. I utilize this a minimum of 3 times a day. You will require an extremely little amount of it. Spread it kindly around cuticles, rubbing on the nails and skin around.

Let it sit there, enabling it to be soaked up well into the skin. You will see how amazingly it makes your skin soft. I in some cases even utilize it as a hand cream. The scent is quite incredible and it does not stain clothing if you unintentionally get it on some.

Quantity is rather adequate to last more than a month I think with routine usage together with oil. The advantages you can anticipate from it are,

– Healthy and strong nails

– Soft cuticles

– Fast development of nails

– Helps in decreasing darkness around nails

Stouchwood Nail & Cuticle oil

This is among the very best cuticle oil I have actually utilized therefore damn budget-friendly. It works incredibly to make your nails grow quick and strong. The oil is non-sticky and gets soaked up into the nail bed and skin around so easily. The roll-on product packaging permits the oil to be used appropriately without any inconvenience. 

PS: They now have actually altered the product packaging to a brush applicator. I will reveal you next time I get it. 

The scent is definitely incredible with coffee and fragrant woody notes having tips of vanilla.

What I enjoyed most!

I enjoyed the little detailing she contributed to the product packaging. Small presents like scrunchies and barrettes, or some nail sticker labels together with charming handwritten notes make it so unique. Apart from this, she constantly attempts to make the item much better after listening to users. Now you can get the cuticle oil in a brush applicator product packaging. Also, brand-new tastes are likewise consisted of. 

Tips to get soft hands and long nails

Moisturize and hydrate!

This is the only method to get soft and long nails. Apply cuticle oil on your nails and nail bed each and every single day. If possible, use it two times a day. During the nighttime, use balm on nails for deep enrichment. Since we clean our hands so frequently nowadays and it is winter season, hydrating can go a long method. Along with these, invest in great hand cream or get boroplus or boroline. They are best to get soft skin throughout the winter. 

Thank you Suman AKA Nutcracker for producing this fantastic item. I want you more sales and development for your future. 

Lots of Love!!!