Steps to Teaching a Child to Read | Teach Your Kid Reading

Do you have a child and are thinking about how can you teach your child to read? What are the steps that you need to take in order to start the reading process for your child? Well, if you are thinking about these things then stick to this post as I will share some basic starting steps you can take in order to kick-start your child’s reading. Moreover, also check children learning reading reviews that have structured lessons and can enable parents to teach their children reading. Let’s jump onto the steps.

Make Alphabet and Word Cards

Alphabet and word cards are easy to make at home. If you have a printer, you can type it on your computer and then take a printout. Otherwise, they can also be handwritten. Make cards of all the alphabet and also print easy words for kids to read. You can also take help from the phonics technique in order to teach your child the sounds of letters. Here, your focus should be on teaching your child letters and their sounds.

Word Games

Once your child learns basic letters and their sounds, you can then move on to playing some basic easy word games with your kid. These games can also be found online or on different apps etc. Apart from it, there are some board games like scrabble that you can play with your kid. Let your child learn the combinations and make new words.

Let your Child Play with Educational Toys 

These days there are plenty of educational toys available that can also help your child in various ways. Some of them include letters, board games, and magnetic letters. You should take advantage of these toys and teach your child with their help of them. Moreover, you can visit the nearest toy store and ask for the kid’s educational reading toys. Get some for your kid.

Make the Best Use of Gadgets 

Everyone has different gadgets these days. Why not be creative with them and use them to their fullest potential. There are fun reading games and apps available, download them for your child so that he plays. Gadgets attract kids so it is a good way of teaching them with their help of them. You can download puzzle games, letter games, ABC games, etc.

Hep your Child in Reading

As a parent, you should make the reading process fun and easy for your kid. Read with your kid and try to help him in every manner so that he knows that you are always there for him. This way he won’t be reluctant to make mistakes and ask questions. Another thing you can do is reward your kid on small achievements. This will motivate your child to do even better next time. These are small steps you can take. Also, try thinking of doing other activities like these.


Try these steps in order to teach your child to read. Do also share your experience by commenting below. If you know about any other interesting way that can also help parents, feel free to mention it in the comments below. Lastly, always try to celebrate little achievements that your child makes.


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