Square Island: Droidcon Boston Keynote

I just came back from the inaugural edition of Droidcon Boston last week, at the beautiful Calderwood Pavilion.

I had the honor to deliver the Day 2 keynote at Droidcon Boston.

I prepared
when I first gave this keynote at Android Summit, so this time I was
relatively chill about it. I updated some of the slides, and gave a practice
version at Denver Droids.
For a last minute refresher, I brought the video recording on my laptop and watched myself give the talk
on my flight to Boston.

Normally I do not tweak my talk the day before the conference, but after seeing
the shout-outs in Annyce’s opening keynote I was inspired to do the same.

My talk is about how sharing makes you an expert, and I used tweets from day 1
of the conference as examples.

That is the beauty of going to a conference: we learn, we share what we learn,
and we lift each other up. It was really rewarding to see people getting out of
their comfort zone to tweet, blog, sketchnote, and plot to give their very first
talk. This is how we build a community.

Chiu-Ki Chan

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