SplitIt – Interest-Free Installment Option


Own Jewellery Now, Pay It Off Monthly With 0% Interest

Jollys Jewellers are proud to announce we’ve partnered up with SplitIt, a unique payment option which allows you to split the payment over 2-6 months either instore or online.
What makes SplitIt unique is you can purchase your jewellery and receive them the next day whilst paying them off over a period of time which suits you. There’s no interest on payments regardless of whether you choose to split it over 2 – 6 months and there’s no credit check meaning anyone who chooses to split it at checkout is approved. 

How Does SplitIt Work?

To use SplitIt, simply select it at checkout and enter your credit card details. There is no need for credit checks, approval times or phone calls, just make sure you have the full balance available which will be held in a reserve on your card to ensure you can make payment. Once you’ve checked out, the first month’s payment will be taken from your account and the rest will be paid automatically in monthly instalments.

In the example above, we’ve purchased an item for £399 and want to SplitIt over 6 months. When filling in your details, we check to make sure you have £399 available on your credit card and put a reserve on it to ensure you can make payment. Then the first instalment of £66.50 is paid with the following payment being on the same date next month and so on until you’ve fully paid off your jewellery!

You don’t have to wait until the balance is paid to receive your item either, as soon as you’ve checked out we polish, pack and prepare to send out your item which should be with your within 24 hours.

With no hidden or additional fee’s, SplitIt allows you to own jewellery whilst paying an affordable monthly amount tailored to you. There are also no negative implications on your credit file and works with Mastercard and Visa Credit cards. 

If you would like more information on SplitIt, how it works or how to use it, please feel free to get in touch via [email protected] or give us a call on 01623 652227.


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