So Many Sliders – Noam Kroll

I am presently preparing for a function movie and the script requires some great sluggish, little dolly relocations. Due to the size of production and spending plan, leasing a big rail dolly system or a peewee does not make good sense and is not useful so eventually the very best choice will naturally be to utilize a slider. With an excellent slider and a consistent hand you can achieve some stunning shots, however if you pick the incorrect slider your shots will be unusable.

Of all the equipment I’ve bought throughout the years, among the couple of products I’ve never ever owned is a slider. I’ve leased and shot with lots of sliders however never ever discovered one that stood out to me enough to purchase. They all appeared to be either actually inexpensive and lightweight, or a bit overkill for my requirements. I was trying to find something in the middle that was still cost efficient however would not compromise outcome. It wasn’t up until this movie job that it ended up being required to acquire one and as such I’ve done my research and share of screening in the previous month.

I will talk about a couple of sliders I had my eye on and describe which one I picked and why. But initially, for those of you brand-new to sliders a crucial indicate note is that there are 2 primary kinds of sliders: Those that utilize friction and those that utilize smooth bearings. Generally any slider that utilizes bearings will be smoother. They simply tend to move along the track nearly easily. The friction based sliders are normally more sticky and offer a little lower quality outcomes. Also that stated however, depending on the cam you are utilizing and the particular slider, some of the friction based sliders are good choices. This, on greater end sliders you can typically acquire a motor that will move your cam immediately based upon a speed that you can change. In is typically fantastic for time-lapse shots and other circumstances, however the motors can be rather costly.

When some cases, nearly as much as the slider itself.

I began trying to find a slider I took a look at 3 seriously, among which was friction based and the other 2 bearing based:

Hague Camslide

— $300Cinevate Atlas Â

Kessler Stealth Slider FLT– $579

All– $899Hague 3 of these were luring. I stumbled upon the Out (which I had actually never ever become aware of prior to) at a regional cam store. It of the 3 it is the only friction based slider, however after attempting it at first I was rather amazed. The was remarkably smooth thinking about the cost point and develop. I purchased it, took it house and began test shooting. Ultimately shots were looking actually great when utilizing lenses with IS, however not so fantastic with lenses without IS.

The Cinevate, I wasn’t 100% pleased and continued my look for a slider.Kessler and They sliders appeared like the next finest choices for me.

After both utilize bearings and were more sturdily built, which is similarly essential in my viewpoint.Kessler doing some cam tests on both the Cinevate and the Cinevate, I wound up picking theBoth Cinevate sliders are extremely well built, and both are extremely smooth– however I eventually I had the ability to improve shots on the At, it simply appeared to work. Atlas over $300 less, it’s a fantastic worth.If in all, I would extremely advise the Hague FLT as it has a fantastic expense to efficiency ratio. (*) you’re on a tighter spending plan however, the (*) is a fantastic choice. (*) might be more restricted in where and when you can utilize it, however in lots of situations it would be a practical choice.(*)


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