Sketchup Texture Club

  1. Create your product by clicking the Create Material button in the products tab of the default tray
  2. In the “Texture” area click the little folder button, Browse for Material Image File
  3. Name your product, and click “OK”

Your product is prepared to utilize!

To save it so it can be accessed directly from the Materials Tab:

  1. Adjust the image as you like, right-click the product in the default tray and choose “Save As” then put it in a folder you ‘d like to save your individual products in (note the file type is set to.skm)
  2. Now click the “Details” button in the Materials tab of the Default Tray, choose “Open or create a collection…” then choose the folder you developed for your custom-made textures, and voila!!

Click the drop-down menu in the Materials Tab of the Default Tray choose the folder you put the textures in and they are prepared to utilize.

Almost whatever I’ve downloaded from there hasn’t needed using any software application to extract since its in a zip format not a rar. Right clicking the zip file and picking “extract all” generally works for me. I likewise simply cut/paste the files from the zip to where i desire them. A rar does not let you enter it without some software application as far as I understand.


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