Skeptics and the Pandemic

I am so dissatisfied by the a great deal of pre-pandemic medical doubters who have actually now become mask/vaccine doubters. I mainly concurred with much of them back then. /1

Pre-pandemic they utilized their abilities and intelligence to rightfully concern whether, state, a stent must be placed in somebody with steady angina, or a pricey cancer drug without recognized scientific advantage ought to be commonly utilized. /2

Now they presume that these very same abilities and approaches can and ought to be used to essential public health concerns worrying the pandemic, consisting of crucial concerns about masks, vaccines, and so on. /3

At the core of this issue is the belief that they can use the very same sort of _individual_ risk/benefit or cost benefit analysis to these questions as they would to a new drug for a typical non-infectious disease. /4

Of course we must review the evidence with careful and critical scrutiny, but the simplistic analysis of looking at an intervention from the dominant perspective of an private person, or other single factor like age, race, geography, etc is incredibly short-sighted. /5

All individual medical considerations need to be subsumed under much larger public health considerations. The main lesson, that NEVER gets fully learned and absorbed from ALL pandemics is that we are all inevitably, inextricably connected. /6

I am, and remain, a deep skeptic of the medical system and establishment. But the conflict of interest and self-dealing problems that are pervasive in everyday medical practice are largely not a big concern for the most important pandemic questions. /7

Sure, Pfizer and Moderna and many others are profiting handsomely from the pandemic, but the overall process for vaccines has been better and more efficient than anything I’ve ever seen in medicine. /8

I am not including problems regarding distribution, precise timing, boosters, etc. There are many legitimate questions here, but they are mostly (excepting distribution) minor, and should NEVER be used to undermine the overwhelming importance and advantage of vaccines overall. /9

If you think you know more about viruses and vaccines than Anthony Fauci or more about public health than Rochelle Walensky then you should really shut your trap and not advertise your stupidity to the world. You are NOT being helpful. /10

Of course this doesn’t mean that they are perfect, or that they should never be asked hard concerns, or that there’s no room for debate. But just throwing more fuel on the fire does no good. /11

It’s fine to ask legitimate questions, however too often these so-called “questions” are used by irresponsible skeptics who think they are clever to support positions that they are not willing to totally propose or defend. /12

So they just end up contributing to the total mess, and they lend moral and “intellectual” armor to the denialists, anti-vaxxers, Ivermectinistas, anti-maskers, and all the other crazies out there. /13

I’ll stop here. Much more to say. Sorry for the rant. It’s been building for a year and a half now. I’m just so discouraged by all the stupidity I see on Twitter by people who should know so much much better. The conceit and self-regard and absence of self-awareness is sensational. /end