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We’ve all heard the saying “pay it forward,” and stories of those generous customers in line for coffee who will purchase theirs and one for the person behind them, too. I’ve always loved the surprise element of pay it forward gestures. It’s even more inspiring to see such gestures in the midst of a crisis like COVID-19, where so many are struggling and in need of support. There are people volunteering to grocery shop for those most vulnerable to illness, people organizing virtual events to keep their communities connected, and of course, so many health professionals putting the needs of strangers above their own.

Acts of kindness aren’t just for us to hear about from others, though. We can all pay it forward in our own little ways, even if that simply means being there for loved to listen, lend a hand, or check in on. And did you know that practicing acts of kindness can even help you cope with stress during hard times? Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved creating personalized gifts. It truly makes me happy to be part of a meaningful exchange that symbolizes the connection among loved ones.

In the spirit of kindness, I’m offering a unique shopping experience this month, called “gift it forward” from July 15 through July 31st. When you purchase a personalized cuff bracelet, I will personalize a second one for you to gift to a loved one.

Gift It Forward

WHEN: July 15 – July 31, 2020


  1. Click over to this Personalized Gold Cuff Bracelet and customize your design.
  2. Before adding it to your cart, use the “Note to Six Sisters Beadworks” box to tell me the details of the cuff you want to gift.
  3. Be sure to include the recipient’s address so I can send you yours, and your loved one’s to them. If you don’t include a second address, I will send them both to the one on file with your order.
  4. Include their name and a short personal message for their gift note!
  5. Add to cart and check out. I’ll be in touch to let you know when your order has shipped!

Each cuff bracelet will arrive inside a Six Sisters Beadworks signature gift box adorned in ribbon. Social distancing? No worries. The recipient’s cuff will be sent safely to them from my studio!

No matter what you’re dealing with during this difficult time, know that I am here to serve, support, and offer a helping hand whenever I can.


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